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Tile Entity







Blast resistance

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This block can be broken with any tool, but a axe is the quickest




Yes (64)



First Appearance

Indev 0.31 (January 24, 2010)

Tile Entity ID


Data value

dec: 54 hex: 36 bin: 00110110

Chests are blocks that store items. A single chest can store up to 27 stacks of items or blocks and can hold from 0 to 1728 blocks. A large chest is created by placing two chest blocks adjacent to each other, however, large chests cannot be created directly beside each other. Large chests have 54 storage slots and open as a single chest with six rows of slots. A large chest can hold from 0 to 3456 blocks. The top three rows in the interface correspond to the eastern or northern chest block and the bottom three to the southern or western chest block.

A chest is opened by right-clicking on the chest and closed by pressing the Esc button or the inventory button (default E). Items in chests can be quickly transferred to and from a player's inventory by shift-clicking on the item; this will move all items in the slot to a free slot in the inventory and vice versa. For more control, all the items in a slot can be picked up with left-click, or half the items with right-click; then use left-click to place all items being moved, or right-click to place a single item at a time. Another way of transferring items from the hot-bar is to use the numbers associated with those spaces whilst the cursor is on the chest interface. this is also the same with transferring items to and from the hot-bar from within the hot-bar.

Destruction of a chest will drop all of its contents where the chest was destroyed. If one half of a large chest is destroyed, the corresponding items from the destroyed chest block will be dropped and the remaining chest block will continue to function as a small chest. The items in a large chest are organized so that the bottom half of the inventory is concentrated into the South or East side of the large chest, depending on how the chest is oriented.

Chests will face towards the player when placed. Chests can be surrounded by other blocks on all sides, but the top must have a one block clearance (exceptions to this exist, see Bugs below). Chests occur naturally in dungeons, where they are guarded by a monster spawner, in abandoned mine shafts, in strongholds and in NPC villages.



Ingredienti Input » Output
Assi in Legno
32x32px 32x32px 32x32px Grid layout Arrow (small).png Cassa
32x32px   32x32px
32x32px 32x32px 32x32px
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Cassa + Minecart
      Grid layout Arrow (small).png Carrello da Miniera con Cassa
  Carrello da Miniera  

Bonus chest

Example of loot in a bonus chest

A bonus chest will generate in the player's spawn if the Bonus Chest option is enabled in the World Options menu. This option is suggested for new players who are unfamiliar with the game's mechanics, but does have other uses such as getting food in an Ocean biome and not having to waste time getting basic starting items. Up to four Torches will spawn around the chest in adjacent horizontal and vertical squares. Bonus chests contain up to ten item stacks, chosen from the following list:

Item Quantity per stack Weight
Stick 1 - 3 10
Oak Wood Planks 1 - 3 10
Oak Wood 1 - 3 10
Wood Axe 1 5
Wood Pickaxe 1 5
Red Apple 2 - 3 5
Stone Axe 1 3
Stone Pickaxe 1 3
Bread 2 - 3 3

Each world seed's Bonus Chest will always contain the same items. Due to blocks in the way, sometimes a Bonus Chest will not spawn resorting in total loss of the chest. In other cases the chest will not appear but the items it held will be on the ground. Torches will sometimes not spawn for the same reason or else appear as items on the ground. These issues are probably unintentional and therefore a bug.


Chests were added in the Indev January 24th update.

A special version of the Chest, the Locked Chest, was used as an April Fool's joke on April 1st, 2011 in version Beta 1.4. It was removed on April 5, 2011.

Previously, if a chest was placed next to a large chest it would attempt to "connect" with the large one, changing its texture to that of half a large chest. However, this is purely visual; they would still act like two separate chests, but as seen in the picture, you could connect multiple chests together and get a glitched "Huge Chest". Additionally, if one attempted to open a chest connected on all four sides, the game froze and the client crashed. This was partially fixed in Beta 1.1_02, however it was still possible if the chest was not placed horizontally adjacent to a large chest or if placed in the location of a fluid. The game would no longer freeze, but instead display a graphically glitched, fully functional chest screen. This bug was completely fixed in Beta 1.5, however any chest previously created in this way still functions.

In the Adventure Update, chests were majorly changed:

Before the Beta 1.8 Adventure Update, chests and double chests had a different model and texture: Chest Pre-Beta 1.8.png and Double Chest Pre-Beta 1.8.png, and did not show an opening/closing animation. As of Beta 1.8, the chest's texture is not in the terrain.png file. Instead, it is in the folder "item" under "chest.png" and "chestlarge.png," with the former being a chest on its own and the latter being the double chest. However, prior to 12w21a, the chest particles were still based off terrain.png and for the Locked Chest texture. Chests used to be solid blocks, but are now tile entities, which means they no longer showed the block breaking animation and are also slightly smaller than they were before. A large chest is now created by placement of two adjacent chest blocks, and can't be created directly beside each other.

In Beta 1.8, when shift+clicking objects from a chest into an already full inventory, or from the inventory to a full chest, Minecraft would crash. Beta 1.8.1 was released solely to fix this bug, although it still happens.

In Beta 1.8, chest opening and closing sound was the same sound file as a door, although this was replaced in the 1.0.0 sound update, and chests now have a new sound.

Before the Beta 1.8 update, the front of the chest (with the latch) faced away from any adjacent solid blocks, or face west if placed independent of other blocks. The viewpoint of players had no effect on the orientation of placed chests.

As of 1.2.4, Cats will try to sit on chests, making them unopenable. This is only meant to annoy the player. This can be prevented by placing a solid, but "transparent" block (such as a fence) above the chest.

In 1.3.1, the 'bonus chest' option was added to the Options menu, and chests were no longer the only source of Cocoa Beans. Also, Jeb removed the original textures for chests from the terrain.png file. This freed seven slots. A variant of this chest utilizing the same structure but a different texture was added, called Ender Chests.

In 1.4.4 (pre-release), Chests and Ender Chests have a smaller hitbox.


Torce piazzate su una cassa provando a piazzarle su un blocco vicino ad essa.
Una cassa non aggiornata in un mondo 1.7.
  • Quando si apre una cassa e si chiude subito dopo in successione, la cassa rimane aperta.
  • Some chests in a 1.7 save file will be black when you enter the world in 1.8 but will still open. However, this bug can be fixed by updating the chest by placing a block next to it then removing it.
  • Some chests from 1.7 will appear rotated, including inside a wall, when viewing them in 1.8. Recreating half the chest corrects this.
  • It was possible before Beta 1.8 to attach torches above and to all sides of a chest, by attempting to place them on a block above or under the chest in rapid succession.
  • Se vieni ucciso mentre sei nella GUI della chest e stai trasferendo degli oggetti nel tuo inventario dopo che sei stato ucciso gli oggetti che erano nell'inventario saranno persi per sempre.
  • In SMP, in cases of moderate to severe lag, if you exit the chest, the lid might stay open. Reconnecting to the server might fix this.
  • When the bonus chest is enabled, depending on the terrain that is generated upon creating a new world, the chest may spawn inside of a leaf block that destroys the chest and spills its contents everywhere.
  • Se droppata, la cassa si muove a sinistra e a destra oltre che su e giù.
  • Dalla 1.8, le casse non mostrano più l'animazione della rottura. Questo è perché c'è un incompatibilità nell'alterare modelli e texture, ed è anche per la nuova animazione dell'apertura e della chiusura.
  • Rompere i blocchi delle casse creano delle particelle di assi in legno di quercia.
  • Qualche volta la cassa rimane aperta, e si chiude quando ci si clicca col destro, ma si apre di nuovo quando si esce dalla GUI.
  • Per i giocatori con schede grafiche vecchie o integrate, siccome la Beta 1.8 è stato un aggiornamento dell'illuminazione, le casse come i Cartelli a intervalli casuali diventavano scuri, oppure rimanevano scuri (sempre visibile come cassa, però più scuri).


Una tripla cassa che è possibile da fare piazzando un blocco d'acqua da una cassa larga, e poi piazzando una cassa nell'acqua.


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