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Prime apparizioni
Pulsante di Pietra
Alpha 1.0.1
Pulsante di Legno

Se stesso

Valori dei dati
Pulsante di Pietra
dec: 77 hex: 4D bin: 01001101
Pulsante di Legno
dec: 143 hex: 8F bin: 10001111


A button is a switch. Like levers, pressure plates, and tripwire hooks, it sends a redstone signal to adjacent blocks when pressed. However, a button can only be activated by being pressed and will only stay pressed for 1.0 seconds (10 repeater ticks). After this, the charge to the object will be lost and the button will pop out, ready to be clicked again. However, with the creation of a T Flip-flop redstone circuit, it can be used as a lever substitute. Unlike levers and torches, a button can only be placed on the side of a block.

Like any object that gives charges, it must be next to the object receiving the charge (doors, rails, etc.) or connected to it by a length of redstone wire.

The button is one of five switches currently in the game. As a momentary-contact switch, it can be useful for resetting redstone circuits. Note that the wooden button can be shot by an arrow to become activated, unlike a stone button which much be physically pressed by hand.

When submerged in water, Buttons are destroyed, rather than merely becoming unattached, like torches.

Also like torches, buttons can be placed to a side of a chest, dispenser, workbench, or furnace in the same fashion. This is done by placing any solid block above the one you want to place the button on, and right clicking it on the bottom with a button in hand. The button can't attach to the bottom of blocks, and will relocate to an available space. This lets you place the button on a block's side without right clicking it.

Mobs (excluding the player) cannot press buttons.

Presenza naturale[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

I Bottoni di Pietra si possono trovare nelle Fortezze vicino alle Porte di Ferro.

Fabbricazione[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

Name Ingredienti Ricetta di fabbricazione

Pulsante in roccia


Grid layout Arrow (small).png Pulsante in roccia


Pulsante in legno

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Grid layout Arrow (small).png Pulsante in legno

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Storia[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

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The Button was introduced in the Seecret Friday Update 3. The Button appears in Alpha, Beta and the game's Full Release.

Since Beta 1.5_01, it appears that the hitbox for the button is off. You need to click a space in front of the button for it to be pressed. This was fixed in 1.6.6, with the side effect that you cannot punch through doors anymore.

On servers, lag could cause buttons to stick for longer than their intended time. This issue was fixed in the fifth 1.9 pre-release.

Wooden Buttons were added in snapshot 12w34a. They could be triggered by arrows as well as players. In this snapshot there was no crafting recipe for this button. This was changed in 12w34b where a new crafting recipe was created for both stone and wooden buttons.

Trivia[modifica | modifica wikitesto]

  • Quando si è seduti su di un carrello da miniera e si guarda un bottone da un angolo stretto non si può premerlo. Questo è causato dalla hitbox del carrello da miniera.
  • Siccome i bottoni hanno la stessa texture di cosa sono stati prodotti, piazzati sui blocchi di Pietra e Legno (per ora) si possono "cammuffare".