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I Guinzagli sono degli oggetti, usati per tenere al guinzaglio e legare le creature.

Ottenimento[modifica | modifica sorgente]

Chest loot[modifica | modifica sorgente]

Oggetto Struttura Contenitore Quantità Possibilità
Java Edition
Guinzaglio Baule 1 28,3%
Bedrock Edition
Guinzaglio Baule 1–3 34,3%
Baule 1 27,9%

Fabbricazione[modifica | modifica sorgente]

Ingredienti Ricetta di Fabbricazione
Cordicella +
Palla di slime


Creature[modifica | modifica sorgente]

I mercanti erranti rilasciano 2 guinzagli quando allontanati dai loro lama.

Utilizzo[modifica | modifica sorgente]

Ingrediente di fabbricazione[modifica | modifica sorgente]

Nome Ingredienti Ricetta di Fabbricazione Descrizione
Palloncino bianco o
Palloncino blu o
Palloncino marrone o
Palloncino nero
Lattice +
Farina di ossa o
Lapislazzuli o
Fave di cacao o
Sacca d'inchiostro +
Elio +

[Solo sulle edizioni Bedrock e Education]
Palloncino corrispondente Lattice +
Colorante corrispondente +
Elio +

[Solo sulle edizioni Bedrock e Education]

Legare le creature[modifica | modifica sorgente]

Creature alte un blocco, come i maiali sospesi a 7 blocchi sopra il terreno.
Two block tall mobs, such as cows, also suspend at 7 blocks above the ground.

Usare un guinzaglio su una creatura porta al guinzaglio la creatura, permettendo al giocatore di muoverlo. Più creature possono essere legate al guinzaglio, ma ogni creatura ha bisogno di un guinzaglio apposito.

È possibile legare le seguenti creature:

Addizionalmente, villici, mercanti erranti, e creature ostili apparte gli hoglin e gli zoglin possono essere legati usando una mappa o un editor di NBT.

With a mob on a lead held by the player, usare the lead on any type of fence or wall[Solo su Bedrock Edition] attaches the lead to it with a visible knot, tying the mob to it. To attach it to a wall on Bedrock Edition, the player must hold a lead in its hand.[1] Multiple leads may be attached to one fence post. A mob tied to a fence tends to stay within 5 blocks of the fence post.

In Bedrock Edition, a lead can also be attached to a barca.

A lead is broken by pressing the usa oggetto control on the mob again, hitting the knot, or removing the attached fence post. Leads also break when hit by projectiles. Whenever a lead is removed or broken, it drops as an item at the location of the mob. However, it does not drop when unleashed in Creative mode.‌[Solo su Java Edition][2] A lead does not break if the attached animal dies.

A lead can stretch a maximum of 10 blocks before breaking.

Most mobs that can be leashed can still be leashed even if attacking the player leashing them, and any attached leads do not break.

lupi cannot be leashed after becoming angry. Despite this, if they become angry while already leashed, the lead does not break, but it cannot be reattached when broken through other methods while the wolf is still angry.

A lead attached to a hoglin breaks if it becomes a zoglin.

A lead does not prevent mobs from despawning if they normally would despawn.

If the player walks into and back out of a nether portal while holding a lead connected to a mob, the lead remains attached to the mob. However, if a mob attached to a lead walks into a nether portal, the lead breaks and drops as an item in the other dimension.

A lead can be used to remove a mob from a boat without needing to break the boat, if the mob can normally be leashed.

If a chunk unloads while containing a leashed mob (either by the player walking too far away, or traveling to another dimension via a portal), the lead breaks and drops as an item, leaving the mob free to wander around.

Storia[modifica | modifica sorgente]

Java Edition
1.6.113w16aLead JE1 BE1.png Aggiunti i guinzagli.
Al momento non hanno una descrizione e si chiamano “lacci” nelle note dei cambiamenti.
13w16bOra i guinzagli hanno una descrizione.
13w18aI guinzagli ora hanno una ricetta di fabbricazione.
1.6.2releaseI villici non possono più essere legati. Prima di questo i villici potevano essere legati solo in multigiocatore, as it required one player to open the trade interface and another to leash the villager while the trade interface was open, because two players were unable to trade with the same villager at the same time.[è la versione corretta?]
1.915w50aAggiunto un suono per i guinzagli:
1.1116w32aL'ID dell'entità del nodo è stato cambiato da LeashKnot a leash_knot.
1.1317w47aPer l'appiattimento, l'ID numerale di questo oggetto è 420.
1.1418w43aLead JE2 BE2.png La texture dei guinzagli.
1.16.220w27aOra si possono legare gli zoglin al guinzaglio.
Pocket Edition Alpha
0.15.0build 1Lead JE1 BE1.png Aggiunti i guinzagli.
Pocket Edition
1.1.0alpha guinzagli ora hanno una "fisica" migliore.
L'ID dell'entità del nodo è stato cambiato da leashknot a leash_knot.
Ora i guinzagli si possono trovare dentro un baule della magione dellla foresta.
Bedrock Edition
1.4.0beta can now be found inside buried treasure chests.
Leads can now be used on boats. can now be used to craft balloons.
1.10.0beta JE2 BE2.png The texture of leads has been changed.
Wandering traders now drop leads after they are detached from trader llamas.
1.14.0beta can now be used on polar bears, ocelots, parrots, dolphins and old villagers.
Legacy Console Edition
TU19CU7 1.12 Patch 11.0.1Lead JE1 BE1.png Added leads.
TU43CU33 1.36 Patch 13Sounds have been added for leads.
1.90 Lead JE2 BE2.png The texture of leads has been changed.
New Nintendo 3DS Edition
0.1.0Lead JE1 BE1.png Added leads.

Trivia[modifica | modifica sorgente]

  • The lead can extend out to 5 blocks when tied between a fence post and a mob.
  • The lead is named as 'leash' in the texture file.
  • Untamed ocelots can be captured and tied up using a lead.
  • In Creative mode, players can leash mobs, pull the mob into the air and tie it to a fence post up high. However, the lead tends to break if the player moves upward too quickly.
  • Despite that the lead is made of string, it has the appearance of rope.
  • Even if you can see the lead, looking away from a leaded mob will cause the lead itself to become invisible.
  • Leashing farm-able mobs (E.G Pigs, Cows) seems to negate the function of wheat after releasing the mob.

Gallery[modifica | modifica sorgente]