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Marc Watson

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Marc Watson

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Marc Watson is Mojang's Customer Support Manager. His job includes writing the articles on, creating and improving customer and customer service team processes, and answering emails. Mojang first met him at PAX Prime 2011 when he was their Exhibitor Assistant via the PAX Enforcers (convention volunteers). He was later asked to be the Volunteer Coordinator at Minecon 2011, and helped run the two day event. He became part of Mojang on January 16, 2012, and was given the task of creating Mojang's customer support team.[5][6]

Marc previously worked in customer service for a large insurance company. He performs improvisational comedy, attends every Penny Arcade Expo, and is the director of Minecraft Marathon, an annual event that raises money for Child's Play Charity.[7] He reprised his role as Minecon volunteer coordinator at Minecon 2012.[8]

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