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All articles about general in game features should use the following layout. On less regular feature articles, only the introduction and the section Achievements and following are required, though other sections should still get added.

Introduction[modifica sorgente]

The very top of the article should start with applicable flags and templates, such as {{snapshot}} for anything not yet in the full release, {{Block}} for blocks, and so on.

The introduction section of an article is the section before the first heading. It should be capable of standing alone as a concise overview of the article, briefly describing its most important points.

The article's subject should be mentioned at the earliest natural point in the prose within the first sentence, and should appear in boldface. Only the first instance should be in boldface. For example:

Pickaxes are one of the most commonly used tools in the game, being required to mine all ores and many other types of blocks. Different qualities of pickaxe are required to successfully harvest certain ores and blocks.

Obtaining[modifica sorgente]

For blocks and items, this section is called "Obtaining" and contains information on how the block or item is generated (including in chests), crafted, dropped by mobs, etc. For blocks, this section should also start with information on breaking the block, which includes the fastest or required tool, if any, and what the block drops, noting tools or enchantments that affect the blocks dropped.

For mobs, this section is called Spawning and contains information on any ways the mob spawns. This includes information on the natural spawn cycle and monster spawners that generate naturally.

For structures, there are two sections here. Creation contains information on how to build the structure if the structure contains a use upon building (such as Nether portals), and Generation contains information on how the structure is generated by the game.

While this section should generally only contain information on how the article's topic is obtained in Survival, it may also state information on using Creative mode or commands to obtain the block or item or to spawn the mob if one of the following is met:

  • The block or item cannot be obtained in creative or with commands, or the mob cannot be spawned with a spawn egg. In this case, the exception may be stated.
    • This does not apply to non-mob entities.
  • The block, item, or entity cannot be obtained or spawned in Survival. In this case, the section may state if it can be obtained or spawned in Creative or using commands.

If there are multiple ways to obtain the block or item or spawn the mob, these should be listed as subsections of this section. Standard sections include:

  • Natural generation: Any way the block or entity generates in the world or a block or item generates in a chest.
  • Crafting: Anything the block or item can be crafted from.
  • Smelting: Anything the block or item can be smelted from.

Headings should be stated without the prefix From. For example, Creepers should be used instead of From Creepers.

Usage[modifica sorgente]

For blocks and items, this section contains information on what can be done with them. This includes using the article subject as a crafting or smelting ingredient, as food, or for trading, or exploiting special properties of a block, like using a button to create a redstone pulse.

For mobs, this section is called Drops and contains information on what the mob drops upon death.

For structures, this section is called Structure and details the composition of the structure.

Like the Obtaining section, this section should be divided into subsections if appropriate. Standard subsections for blocks and items include:

  • Crafting ingredient: if the block or item is used in a crafting recipe. Crafting usage should be added using {{Utilizzo nella fabbricazione}}. Recipes should only be entered manually (using {{Fabbricazione}}) if {{Utilizzo nella fabbricazione}} doesn't display the correct recipes.
  • Smelting ingredient: if the block or item is used in a smelting recipe.
  • Brewing ingredient: if the block or item is used in a brewing recipe.

Structures can have the standard section of Loot, which details possible contents of chests found in the structure.

Headings should not be prefixed with an "As a". For example, Food should be used, not As a food.

Filling this section with tips on architecture and interior design should generally be avoided.

Behavior[modifica sorgente]

For mobs, this section contains information on how they act towards the player and other mobs. It also contains information on how other mobs react towards this mob.

This section may have a subsection about how the mob behaves in combat.

Other sections[modifica sorgente]

Any other sections go here, between Behavior and Data values.

Data values[modifica sorgente]

This section contains a list of possible Data values for the block or item in question. The list should be on a subpage of the main article, e.g. Coal/DV, and use {{tvd}}. The subpage should then be transcluded into the Data values section with {{/DV}}.

If the section contains any descriptive text in addition to the list, this text should also be included in the /DV subpage.

Achievements[modifica sorgente]

This section contains any achievements related to the article subject. Achievement sections should be transcluded using {{load achievements}} (e.g. {{load achievements|Leader Of The Pack}}). Achievements should only be entered manually (using {{achievements}}) if {{load achievements}} does not display the correct achievement(s).

Video[modifica sorgente]

The video section contains the video produced on the Minecraft Community Spotlight YouTube channel by Curse. Videos in this section should be embedded in a subpage of the main article, e.g. Block/video, and then transcluded into the Video section with {{/video}}. The only thing that should be in this section is the {{/video}}, with exception of notes that correct anything wrong in the video, or if the video isn't in that article's subpage, like {{:Tripwire/video}} on the String page.

If notes are made to correct the video, they should use {{nota video}}, placed above the video itself.

History[modifica sorgente]

History sections should use {{Storia}}. To provide accuracy, changes made in snapshots should retain the exact version of the change even when the update is released (e.g., 12w08a in addition to 1.2). This can be done using the {{{snap}}} parameter of {{Storia}} (e.g., {{Storia||1.6|snap=13w16a|Added horses.}}).

Issues[modifica sorgente]

The Issues section should only contain {{Issue list}}. Nothing else goes in this section.

Trivia[modifica sorgente]

The trivia section contains information about the feature that does not fit anywhere else in the article. If the trivia is relevant to another section, consider incorporating it into the main article before considering it for deletion.

Additions to trivia must fit the following guidelines:

  • Trivia should only be facts and contain no speculation or opinion.
  • Trivia should not be obvious to players and should be information that readers are not likely to know but would be interested in.
  • History-related trivia should be avoided if possible. E.g. “The original piston texture had an iron band running over the head. This was later removed, only leaving iron brackets around the corners and edges” should be merged into the relevant version information in the History section.
  • Trivia related to game visuals should be avoided, especially if the piece of trivia does not hold true for custom resource packs.
  • Trivia should not state how a characteristic of a block, item, mob, or other game element relates to the characteristics of others.
    • This includes, but is not limited to, listing other game elements that share a certain characteristic, listing items that do not share a certain characteristic, or stating that a game element is the first or only one to have a certain characteristic.
  • Trivia related to the feature's in game name when using translations is not allowed, as translations are not created by Mojang, making them unofficial.

If relevant, this section may have a subsection called Publicity containing information on the article topic in merchandise and other media.

Gallery[modifica sorgente]

Use the gallery tag to add a gallery of images.

File:Filename.png|File description
File:Anotherfile.jpg|Another description

See also[modifica sorgente]

See also sections should only contain links to articles that have not been mentioned anywhere else in the article and are of a relevant topic.

References[modifica sorgente]

{{reflist}} usually, but if more columns are desired due to many references, add a number: {{reflist|2}}, {{reflist|3}}, and so on.

  • After references will be any applicable navigation templates, like {{blocks}}, and then any applicable categories.
  • The last thing on every page will be the interwiki language links.