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All version articles should use the following layout, to allow for consistency between version articles.

Introduction[modifica sorgente]

At the very top of the article, {{version history nav}} should be placed.

After the template should be an introduction with a general description. This description should contain the release date of the update, and a brief description of the update. If it is a development version, it should state which version of it is a development version.

Additions and changes[modifica sorgente]

These two sections are combined in the guide due to similarity, in the actual article this is two separate sections called Additions and Changes. General changes in a version should go within the two sections as follows:

  • Additions: Any new features added in the version. This includes features added in development versions.
  • Changes: Any changes to old features from the version. This includes features changed in development versions.

If the version is a full release or has a lot of features, each section also should have the following subsections:

  • General: General features, such as options, splashes, and graphics changes.
  • Gameplay: Features relating to gameplay mechanics, such as achievements, status effects, game modes, and visual changes
  • Commands & NBT Tags: Features related to mob tags or commands
  • World Generation: Features related to world generation
  • Blocks and items: Features that are either blocks or items
  • Mobs: Features that are mobs.

If the features have not appeared in a development version yet, the feature should be contained in the separate but similar section Planned additions or Planned changes.

Fixes[modifica sorgente]

Bugs fixed in this version using {{fixes}}. Bugs should also be organised into sections using the following headers:

  • Fixed in the <version> development versions
  • From released versions before <parent version>
  • From the <parent version> development versions
  • From the previous development version
  • From the current version, hotfixed

Note that {{fixes}} supports shortcuts for common headers.

References[modifica sorgente]

Should contain {{reflist}} usually, but if more columns are desired due to many references, add a number: {{reflist|2}}, {{reflist|3}}, and so on.

Footer[modifica sorgente]

After references, place a double space, then add any applicable navigation templates, like {{versioni del computer}}, and then any applicable categories.

The last thing on every version page will be the interwiki language links.