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Una risorsa rinnovabile (il contrario di una risorsa non rinnovabile) è una risorsa che può essere ricreata all'infinito in sopravvivenza senza usare glitch o bug. While running out of resources isn't likely to be a factor due to theoretically infinite (and still quite vast in practice) map generation, this is a list of resources that can be produced over and over without having to explore for more. However, running out of resources can be a bigger issue on superflat worlds, where resources are less plentiful, in PvP maps, where one would like to obtain resources without having to conquer more land, or simply if the map size is limited.

The listed fully renewable craftable items are items which can be crafted, smelted, or brewed using only renewable resources. For example, cookies are renewable as they only require wheat and cocoa beans that can be regrown infinitely, while TNT isn't because it requires sand, which is not renewable.

Anything that is dropped by a monster or animal, is renewable because more mobs of the same kind can spawn and be killed again for more loot. This is not the case for the wither, which requires non renewable soul sand to spawn, nor the elder guardian, which spawns only three times per ocean monument, nor the evoker or the vindicator who spawn only as part of the woodland mansion, nor the shulker, which spawns only as part of end cities.

Brief introduction to methods[modifica | modifica sorgente]

There are some main methods to get renewable resources and some item-specific methods. Item-specific methods vary from building a cobblestone generator to harvesting obsidian from portals, so it's very important sometimes to choose non-renewable, but easier and/or safer ways to get them. The methods are listed in increasing difficulty order:

  • Farming - grow it on the dirt or farmland block, breed using renewable resources, etc.
  • Craft it using only renewable resource(s)
  • Buy it from villagers
  • Get it as a guaranteed or very probable drop after mob's death
  • Get it as a rare drop after mob's death
  • Find it while fishing

The first three methods are the easiest. They are especially worth using when the player wants to avoid risk such as while playing in hardcore mode. The fourth method is normally used to get something that is only possible to get by killing monsters such as blaze rods, arrows, or bones. The last two methods are worth using only when there are no other practical choices, as the player will spend a lot of time executing the method before getting what they need.

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