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La salute in Minecraft fa vedere quanto danno il giocatore è in grado di prendere prima di morire. Di solito è basato in una griglia di 10 icone di cuori. Ogni cuore pieno contiene due metà, un punto vita ciascuno (normalmente il giocatore può avere un massimo di 20 punti vita).

Cuori[modifica | modifica sorgente]

La barra della salute in sopravvivenza.
La barra della salute in estrema.
I cuori che tremano quando il giocatore ha 4 (♥♥) o meno.

Hearts make up the health meter for the player in the Survival, Hardcore[Solo su Java Edition] (different texture), and Adventure modes, also for mobs. Each heart represents two hit points. Hit points are lost when players (or mobs) take damage, which can be a percentage of those hearts. However, damage less than 1 (♥) isn't visible on the health bar.

If the health meter shows ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ or less, it begins to shake violently, warning that the player is low on health.

Health can be recovered through several means, both "naturally" and through effetti di stato.

  • The Instant Health effect restores health immediately, the amount depending on the source and effect level.
  • On Peaceful difficulty, the health meter continuously refills over time.
  • On other difficulties, health regenerates slowly when the player's hunger is at or above 18 ( × 9).
  • The Regeneration effect makes health regenerate fairly quickly, and the hearts of the health meter bounce in a wave. Aside from potions of Regeneration, this is also provided by beacons and golden apples. The "basic" golden apple provides it (level II) for 5 seconds, restoring a total of 4 (♥♥). The "enchanted" golden apple provides it for longer (20 seconds) and in total restoring about 16 (♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥).
  • The Health Boost effect adds 4 (♥♥) per effect level to the player's total health that can be healed or regenerated by normal means, which is removed when the effect expires. After the effect expires, the player's health may remain above the normal maximum, but the extra health is not recovered once lost to damage. This effect can be gained only through commands or mods. At the levels of 252-256 (with amplifiers 251 to 255), the player has 512 hearts (1024 health points, the "red health" limit for entities).
  • The Absorption effect likewise adds 4 (♥♥) for each effect level. Different from the Health Boost effect, this special health cannot be healed or regenerated by normal means. Naturally, it is removed when the effect expires. The "basic" golden apple provides it (level I) for 2 minutes, providing a total of 4 (♥♥). The "enchanted" golden apple provides it at higher level (level IV), providing a total of 16 (♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥).

Damage is split between the health and armatura bars. Each full armor point takes 8% of damage, to a maximum of 80%, rounded up. Armor points also protect less damage (and deal more hearts) with stronger attacks.‌[Solo su Java Edition]

In modalità estrema i cuori hanno una texture diversa (♥).

The Avvelenamento and Wither effects turn hearts ♥ a sickly green color and ♥ black, respectively. On Hardcore, they turn ♥ when poisoned and ♥ when withered.

Nella Bedrock edition in modalità creativa il giocatore è immune al danno, pure quello del vuoto e quello del comando /kill.

The player's health bar is invisible while holding or wearing an item that gives negative health points that exceed the player's current health points. For example, the player's default health is 20, and if holding an item with the attribute −21 health, the player can take two hits before dying; it doesn't matter how much damage these hits inflict. The first one deals enough damage to reduce health to 1 (♥), and the second one kills the player. If the player uses a modified item to reduce health, sometimes the death screen appears. After clicking respawn, the player would shake in the death position and this can be fixed by ceasing to use the modified item.

I lupi e i golem di ferro[Solo su Java Edition] sono le uniche creature a mostrare la salute che gli rimane graficamente. I cavalli, gli asini, i muli, i lama e i wither sono le uniche creature che rigenerano naturalmente la salute con il passare del tempo.

Morte[modifica | modifica sorgente]

Mobs leaving red corpses and fire (because of daylight and player-made lightning) in multiplayer.

La morte accade quando delle creature o dei giocatori perdono tutta la loro salute.

Upon the death of a player, a death message describing the cause of death is shown to everyone in that world. The death of a player's pet also creates a death message, but one that is shown only to its owner.

Il comando /kill invece uccide istantaneamente, e un pappagallo può essere ucciso istantaneamente se gli si da un biscotto.‌[Solo su JE ]

Mobs and players fall to their left side to the ground when killed (apart from spiders which flip upside-down and the ender dragon which ascends and explodes), dropping experience[Solo su Java Edition] and any drops at the location they were when they took the fatal damage. Once a fallen body disappears, it turns to dust and drops experience at the disappearance location.‌[Solo su Bedrock Edition]

Effetti del giocatore[modifica | modifica sorgente]

Un esempio della schermata di morte e del punteggio in modalità estrema.

For players, a "You died!" screen (or "Game over!" in Hardcore mode) appears, displaying the player's score,‌[Solo su Java Edition] and a death message (see § Messaggi di morte). The view of the world is tinted red, and the camera-view slowly tilts as if falling over, shudders, and zooms in somewhat. In Bedrock Edition, it zooms in indefinitely. Two options appear on that screen:

The death screen is not shown upon death if:

  • The player holds a Totem dell'immortalità in the main hand or off-hand and died without falling into the void, in which case the player resurrects upon death. Resurrection does not happen if the player fell into the void.
  • Instant respawn enabled, in which case the player instantly respawns upon death without the death screen appearing, but still showing death message.

Any items and/or blocks that were in the player's inventory (except items enchanted with curse enchantments) are dropped from their head, and scattered around the spot where the player died (unless /gamerule keepInventory true is typed in if commands are enabled). Like any dropped item, these drops decay after five minutes while that chunk is loaded.

The player also loses any experience accumulated, reverting the level back to 0 (unless /gamerule keepInventory true is typed in if commands are enabled) and drops experience orbs with a precise total value of player last level × 7 experience points (with a maximum of 100). After reaching between levels 7 and 8, the player always drops only 100 experience points regardless of level.

Despite the fact that dead players disappear like all other mobs, it is still possible for the player to see their own hand while in the first-person mode.[1]

Collegamenti[modifica | modifica sorgente]

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