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Da Minecraft Wiki.
Questa è la pagina di documentazione e deve essere trascritta sulla pagina template. Vedi Template:Documentazione per più informazioni
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Questo template usa il Modulo:Infobox, uno script scritto in Lua.
Vedi wp:Lua e mw:Extension:Scribunto per saperne di più.
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Valore del dato

dec: ? hex: ? bin: ?

This template provides a uniform design for food pages.

Parameter Function Default value
title Optional value to use a different title instead of the page name {{BASEPAGENAME}}
image Image of the food (should be approx. 150x150px) {{{title}}}.png if it exists, otherwise No image.svg (linking to the page where to upload the missing image)
image2 Image of the block/item (should be approx. 150x150px) None
invimage Image for food in inventory. Can use None to force no invimage. Uses Template:Inventory slot. Grid {{{title}}}.png if it exists, otherwise None
type Type ?
heals Restores ?
cookable Cookable ?
stackable Stackable ?
light Emits Light? If "Yes," add the light value like this: "Yes, 9" None
firstver First version that it was seen in (e.g. Alpha 1.0.17, classic 0.0.23a). None
firstdev First development snapshot it was seen in, requires firstver. None
data1name Dec Value name (Only needed if there's 2 data values) ?
data1 Dec Value 00
data2name Second Dec Value name ?
data2 Second Dec Value ?
nameid The food's named identifier. Can use None to force no name ID. title or {{BASEPAGENAME}}

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