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Questo template usa il Modulo:Inventory slot, con i dati immagazzinati in Modulo:Inventory slot/Aliases.
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The inventory slot template creates an interface element which looks and acts like an in-game inventory slot.

The images used are primarily taken from {{InvSprite}}, but if the specified item is not found, the template falls back to individual images in the format of Grid <item name>.png.

Usage[modifica sorgente]

All inputs are optional:

|[Title]Mod:Name,Amount[Description]; [Title2]Mod2:Name2,Amount2[Description2]; ...
|mod=Default mod (useful for animations and layout templates)
|default=Image always shown under the main image
|align=Vertical Alignment
|link=Link override
|title=Text show on mouseover
|class=Adds additional classes to the .invslot class
|style=Adds styling to the .invslot
|imgclass=Adds additional classes to the .invslot-item
|numstyle=Adds styling to the stack number

Parts[modifica sorgente]

The first parameter is a special parameter consisting of various "parts" grouped together in frames (delimited by ;) which will be display one after another if JavaScript is enabled. Every part is optional, but without "name", won't do anything.

Simple example[modifica sorgente]

To display an inventory item of "Raw Porkchop" with an stack size of 20 you would put: {{Slot|Raw Porkchop,20}}


Raw Porkchop20

An amount of 2–999 is supported, anything else will not be displayed.

Aliases[modifica sorgente]